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Hydrangea – Glowing Embers

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The Glowing Embers Hydrangea will add color to your yard from Spring to Fall. Beautiful Green “pom-pom” flower heads emerge green in the spring, turning a deep, virant pink through Summer. In the Fall, the flowers deepen along with the foliage, creating a warm Atumnal glow all over.

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The Glowing Embers Hydrangea will add color and charm to your garden from Spring through Fall. Large rounded clusters of enchanting pink blooms cover this upright, rounded shrub from summer through fall. The compact and dense habit of 'Glowing Embers' makes it a superb choice for the smaller garden. The full and dense mophead flowers are a deep rose-red to a rich, purple-blue depending on the acidity of the soil. Often there is a second flush of flowers in late summer to early autumn. The leaves have a waxy and glossy appearance with a red tint to the edges complimenting the flower color. In the fall, the red tints deepen to maroon and color the whole leaf before they drop. This is one of the few hydrangeas to tolerate full sun, resisting fading and scorching of the foliage and flowers. The intense colors show best in the open. Mix with other deciduous shrubs or perennials. Keep away from dark foliaged plants, the flowers are lost in the dark tones.

Hydrangeas perfer rich, well-drained soil and evenly moist watering. In hotter climate zones, extra water is essential. The Glowing embers hydrangea is one of the few that can tolerate full sun, but its’ not recomended in hotter areas. Morning sun and protection from the full afternoon heat during the hottest time of day is ideal. The PH of the soil is what truly determines the color of your hydrangea. Get a soil test kit if you want to change/keep the color of your plant.