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Irish Juniper

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The Irish Juniper is a large, pillar-shaped evergreen shrub forming a splendid exclamation point in the landscape. Its dense and compact erect branches bear short, prickly, pale green needles adorned with a silver band, creating a lovely blue-green effect.

Overview Care
The Irish Juniper is a narrow, upright evergreen small tree or large shrub with awl-shaped, blue-green foliage. It has an upright, conical shape when young becoming more broad based when older. A fantastically hardy tree that can withstand short periods of drought, severe frosts and neglect. A great silhouette tree that can also be used for topiary.

Established plants can benefit from fertilization. Take a visual inventory of your landscape. Trees need to be fertilized every few years. Shrubs and other plants in the landscape can be fertilized yearly. A soil test can determine existing nutrient levels in the soil. If one or more nutrients is low, a specific instead of an all-purpose fertilizer may be required. Fertilizers that are high in N, nitrogen, will promote green leafy growth. Excess nitrogen in the soil can cause excessive vegetative growth on plants at the expense of flower bud development. It is best to avoid fertilizing late in the growing season. Applications made at that time can force lush, vegetative growth that will not have a chance to harden off before the onset of cold weather.