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Clematis – Jackmanii

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The ‘Jackmani Clematis’ is one of the most popular and easy to grow Clematis. This upright, perennial vine is covered in deep purple blooms that fade to violet over a long blooming period from mid-to-late summer.

Overview Care
One of the most popular and easiest to grow of the Clematis family, The 'Jackmanii Clematis' is a care-free Clematis that will reward you with rich purple blooms that fade to violet over a long summer season. The 'Jackmanii' does well in almost any type of soil, but does need good drainage to thrive. Like most Clematis, it can be trained to grow over arbors, trellises, and walls. The 'Jackmanii' looks stunning paired with roses and other perennials for a classic 'English cottage garden' look.

Good drainage really helps, and full sun is ideal if you want more blooms. In really hot locations like zone 7, a little bit of shade actually does help this plant thrive a bit more.