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Juniper – Blue Pacific

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This wonderful, low, spreading form makes a superb groundcover, group planting or single specimen. Dense blue-green foliage gives this selection a handsome appearance and is best when not pruned, but rather left in its natural form. A notably heat tolerant variety. Evergreen

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Blue Pacific Juniper, Juniperus conferta 'Blue Pacific' is a popular groundcover Juniper. Use these for weed control around your trees, as a decorative cover over bare spots in raised beds or let a few "flow" over your retaining wall. The Blue Pacific Juniper has innumerable uses. As one of the most widely-used Junipers for groundcover purposes, Blue Pacific Juniper is especially prized not just for its size, but also its color and versatility. The green foliage has a delightful bluish tint to it and although needled, is surprisingly soft. Its evergreen nature maintains its vibrant color, even through the harsh winter months. As it flows across the ground, Blue Pacific's tips will point upward, creating a living carpet of blue-tinted evergreen foliage that invites you to reach out and touch it. Lean in close enough and you'll be treated to the fresh, verdant fragrance that only a quality Juniper can emit. The silver-accented, black cones that adorn your Blue Pacific Juniper are just another fabulous decorative feature to this already fascinating Juniper variety...and a boon for your yard's birds. It's very hardy, adaptive to a variety of conditions, and heat tolerant. Blue Pacific Juniper doesn't mind a little shade or even city conditions. Even your friendly deer will tend to pass it by, leaving it to grow untouched and lovely all year round. Many Junipers come-and-go in popularity, but the Blue Pacific Juniper is sure to remain a favorite among gardeners for years to come

Highly adaptable and easy to grow in most well-drained soils; avoid overly wet conditions. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish root system; reduce frequency, once established. Space 5 ft. apart as groundcover; closer for faster coverage. Control weeds with mulch until plants fill in.