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Juniper – Canaerti

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The Canaerti Juniper keeps its’ bright green foliage year round. This tall, conical shaped shrub makes a handsome and stately addition to any landscape either in a hedge, formal garden, or as an accent plant.

Overview Care
The Canaerti Juniper is a compact, pyramidal growing plant in its early years. Giving it plenty of room to grow will be important as it opens up to a broader form as it matures.  Growing 25-35’ tall and 8-15’ wide this upright juniper makes a great addition to any landscape when used as a large screen.  It is a relatively fast growing juniper that is native to Missouri and can be found growing freely on the bluffs and in fields in many parts of the state. Low-maintenance once established, it just needs alot of sun and well-drained soil to be happy.  An attractive feature of this juniper is the large, beautiful whitish-blue berries it produces.  Birds enjoy the buffet while the deer do not particularly find this plant very tasty and tend to leave it alone.  Juniper ‘Canaertii’ holds its bright green color year round giving the landscape some seasonal interest. 

It grows best in full sun with a moist and slightly acidic soil, but lik its juniper brethren, Canaertii requires little maintenance once it gets established and tolerates a variety of environmental condition