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Laurel – Russian

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The Russian Laurel is an upright laurel, with deep green laurel leaves. Extremely hardy and versitile, it is an ideal evergreen for foundational plantings, a screening hedge, or accent plant.

Overview Care
The Russian Laurel is a handsome upright shrub for woodland gardens with filtered sunlight or dappled shade. Glossy, medium green foliage with a refined look on a dense, vase-shaped form that has a layered appearance. Stalks of fragrant white flowers appear in spring. Hardier than dwarf English laurel. Evergreen

Thrives in slightly deep, fertile, moist, humusy, well-drained soil; tolerates poor, sandy, or clay soils. Prefers more sun in cool climates, more shade in warmer areas. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish root system. Once established, reduce frequency; tolerates dry shade. Feed in early spring. Prune after flowering to shape.Pruning time: spring after flowering.