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Hosta – Liberty

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The Liberty hosta will add a big splash of color to shaded areas. Large, variegated leaves of blue-green, with yellow to cream edges. Lavender blooms on long stems in summer.

Overview Care
The Liberty Hosta, has prize-winning, blue-green leaves with wide, dramatically streaked, yellow margins which fade to a creamy white. Lovely lavender flowers on long stems in summer. The thick foliage has remarkable slug resistance. The 2012 Hosta of the Year, the Liberty Hosta will add dramatic color to your shade garden and looks amazing mixed in with other companion perennials like richly colored Huchera and other varieties of Hosta.

Hostas can thrive in a vairiety of soil as long as it is well-drained and kept somewhat moist. They do even better in a slightly acidic soil that has been amended with organic compost matter. The Liberty hosta loves shade or dappled sunlight best.