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Magnolia – Claudia Wannamaker

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The Claudia Wannamaker is a classic, fast-growing magnolia. Deep evergreen foliage with gorgeous white blooms up to 12 inches across. A perfect Southern accent tree or anywhere you need some ever-green screening.

Overview Care
The southern magnolia is without equal among evergreen flowering trees, and the Claudia Wannamaker form is top of the list for a full-sized tree, that will begin to bloom at an early age. This vigorous tree will grow rapidly, at around 3 feet a year when young, so it will soon become a good-sized specimen, or create an excellent screen for privacy. With its beautiful glossy leaves and enormous, 12 inches across pure-white perfumed flowers, this symbol of the south is a perfect choice for anyone with a larger garden living in zones 7 to 9. All summer long it will be covered with those beautiful blooms, and even out of flower it has a grand beauty, and makes a real statement in any garden

Will grow in most soils, from sandy ones to clay. It does best in moister soils with a good amount of organic material in them, so add plenty when preparing your planting spot, and mulch the root-zone in spring, especially in the early years. Once established, this tree is resistant to normal drought conditions, but it will grow faster and stronger if it has a regular supply of water. It is resistant to salt-spray too, so it can be grown near the ocean, and it makes the perfect wind-break to protect your garden, allowing you to grow more salt-sensitive species behind its protective barrier. It is also normally not eaten by deer, or bothered by pests or diseases.