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Mahonia – Oregon Grape

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The Oregon Grape Mahonia is full of color. Beautiful evergreen on a compact shrub, turns bronze-purple in the winter. Fragrant yellow blooms in Spring are followed by Edible berries loved by brids. Great in a naturalized landscape or low hedge.

5 Gallons

Overview Care
The Oregona Grape Mahonia is a landscaper favorite. An excellent, durable, low maintenance shrub for mass plantings or borders. New growth has bronze-red coloring and matures to a glossy, deep green. Fragrant Yellow flowers in the spring followed by blue-purple berries. When cool weather arrives, foliage develops a handsome purple-red coloration that adds interest to the winter landscape. Great for naturalized looking landscpes. Evergreen. Super low-maintenance. Bird-friendly.

Thrives in humus-rich, evenly moist, well-drained soils; tolerates sandy sites and clay. Shelter from drying winds and harsh sun in hot southern regions. Water deeply, regularly during first growing season to develop an extensive root system. Fertilize in spring. Slowly spreads; prune suckers promptly, unless naturalizing is desired.Pruning time: spring after flowering