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Maple – Bloodgood

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The Bloodgood Maple is a compact maple with extrordinary color on delicate, upright branches. The red foliage can be tinged in shades ranging from purple to bronoze.  In the fall, it turns blazing red. Excellent as a a colorful accent plant, in a zen garden, or foundational planting.

Overview Care
The Bloodgood Maple is the perfect compact tree for just about anywhere you need some bold color in your landscape. Attractive foliage with burgundy red coloring turns brilliant scarlet in fall. The interesting red-black bark provides striking interest in winter. This slender, airy tree is well-suited for use as a small lawn tree or for patios and entryways. One of the hardiest of Japanese maples, with good sun tolerance. Though, if you live in hotter climates like Oklahoma, it needs some protection, particularly from west sun. Deciduous.

Provide slightly acidic, well-drained soil; shelter from drying winds. Protect young trees from harsh afternoon sun exposures in hot summer areas. Mulch to keep root zone cool. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish an extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. Apply slow-release fertilizer in early spring.Pruning time: winter.