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Holly – Needlepoint

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The Needlepoint Holly is an outstanding plant. This fast-growing, low-maintenance, ever green puts on up to 3 feet a year, making it an ideal fast-growing hedge or screening plant. Deep green foliage, with profuse, dainty white flowers in spring and red berries from fall to winter, the Needlepoint Holly will add year-round beauty to your landscape.

Overview Care
The Needlepoint Holly is an excellent choice if you desire a fast-growing, low-maintenance evergreen. Great in Hedges or anywhere you need some year-round color, the Needlepoint Holly is prized for it's glossy, deep green foliage which can grow up to 3 feet a year. Self-polinating, this Holly puts on a dazzling display of bright red berries from fall through winter. Another outstanding feature of the Needlepoint Holly is that it is also virtually drought-resistant and very heat tolerant once established.

As with all Holly varieties, it doesn’t need fancy dirt, but good drainage is preferable. Once established it is fairly drought resistant but needs a few years of even watering to get established, extra in hotter areas. Also, because of the shallow root system of this plant, yearly mulching is really helpful to keep it from drying out while getting established.