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Oak – Nutall

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The Nutall Oak is a fast-growing, and highly adaptable shade tree. Perfect in a variety of landscape uses and soil conditions. Green oak leave turn a brilliant orange in the Autuman. Delicious acorns late Fall/Winter.

Overview Care
The Nutall Oak is one of the most well-adapted oaks for general landscape use. It grows quickly, develops a good branching structure, tolerates wet soil as well as moderate drought, and has very few issues with insects and disease. All of which make the nuttall oak a great choice for urban and suburban spaces. It can be right at home planted in a residential yard as a street, specimen, or shade tree or serve more commercial purposes when planted in large parking lot islands or median strips on a highway. Wait there’s more! Many Nuttalls don’t even think about dropping their acorns until December, which means one of the highest carb acorns. Excellent for wildlife or anytime you want to go pick yourself a snack.

Thrives when planted on moist, fertile sites with good drainage.