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Oak – Water

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The Water Oak is a low-maintenance, fast growing shade tree. Deep tap root means less surface roots, making it a great choice to plant in a variety of locations.  Glossy green foliage turns a brilliant yellow in the Autumn. Semi-evergreen, it keeps some of its’ leaves in the Winter.

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The Water oak is a landscaper favorite: a rapid growing tree, a deep taproot so that means less surface roots, and easy to grow. Great in almost any yard where a mid-sized tree is needed. What's not to love? Leaves of a mature water oak are usually spatula-shaped while leaves of immature saplings can be long and narrow, many describe the leaf as looking like a duck's foot. The Water Oak is considered "nearly evergreen" as some green leaves will cling to the tree through the winter. Water oak has strikingly smooth bark.

The water oak grows in acidic, loamy, sandy, well-drained, wet and clay soils. It tolerates wet sites but does best in well-drained areas that do not experience severe drought.