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Perennial – Heuchera, Purple Palace

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The ‘Purple Palace’ Heuchera has richly colored, deep purple-abergine foliage with delicate white sprays of flowers. Great in a low border. Low-maintenance once established.

Overview Care
The 'Puprle Palace" Heuchera is prized for its' brilliant deep purple foliage, a wonderful mass of color that offsets delightful sprays of tiny, white, summer flowers. A great choice for adding color and contrast to borders when coupled with green foliage plants. Evergreen in mild winter areas; an herbaceous perennial in colder regions. Easy to grow. Looks stunning mixed in with contrasting hostas, fern, and other shades of gold and lime Heuchera.

Provide enriched, well-drained soil; take care not to bury crown when planting. Prefers part shade in hot summer areas. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. Avoid excess winter moisture. Feed throughout growing season. Remove old, faded foliage in early spring.