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Perennial – Ice Plant

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Product Overview

Hardy Ice plant adds a low-maintenance, electric, purple-pink color to the garden or landscape. Low, spreading, green succulent foliage is covered in flowers forming a pink mat of color. repeat summer bloomer. Perennial. Somewhat drought tolerant once established.

Overview Care
The Hardy Ice-Plant has vibrant red-violet, two-inch blooms that cover the fleshy green foliage throughout the warm season. Heat, drought and salt tolerant, this adaptable plant thrives with little care, even in rocky, unimproved soils. Non-invasive. Plant as a showy groundcover or rock garden accent. Evergreen.

Thrives in average to lean, well-drained soils; best in drier, less humid climates. Water regularly during the first growing season; once established reduce frequency. Diminish watering in the fall to allow hardening off in cold winter zones; in warmer winter areas irrigate occasionally, in absence of rainfall. Fertilize sparingly in spring.