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Perennial – Lavender

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Lavender has many outstanding uses in the garden. The silvery-grey-green foliage is gorgeous alone or used for garden contrast. Prized for its’ spikes of fragrant, lavender-blue flowers, it’s also somewhat drought tolerant and winter hardy in milder climates.

Overview Care
Lavender is known for its' incredible scent but its also a garder favorite for many other reasons. The elegant, sweetly fragrant mounds of silver foliage yield purple-blue flower spikes makes for an outstanding ornamental plant or used as contrast in a perennail bed. This cold-hardy lavender does not die back in the winter like other varieties and is notable for its disease resistance and heat and humidity tolerance. A must have for sunny gardens! Evergreen.

Thrives in lean, loose, fast-draining, slightly alkaline soil; avoid heavy, soggy soils. Plant with crowns slightly above soil level, with minimum spacing of 3 ft. Water regularly in first growing season to establish root system. Once established, reduce frequency; tolerates periodic drought. Remove spent flowers to promote continued bloom.Pruning time: prune after flowering.