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Perennial – Veronica, Border Blue

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The “Border Blue” Veronica is a versitile and easy to grow perennial. Compact green foliage, spikes of blue flowers from Summer through Fall, makes it an excellent border plant or anywhere you want that cool blue color in your garden.

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The Veronica 'Sunny Border Blue', Veronica spicata, also known as Speedwell, is an easy to grow perennial that adds beauty to any garden. This Veronica produces wonderful dark blue flowers that bloom from June till September. 'Sunny Border Blue' is a previous winner of the Perennial of the Year, and one can see why. Veronica 'Sunny Border Blue' has erect stems that hold the attractive dark green, ribbed and serrated leaves. This Veronica does best in full sun area , but can tolerate some shade, especially in hot Oklahoma Summers. . Try 'Sunny Border Blue' with Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro' Daylilly or other varieties of Veronica. Easy to grow and it is deer resistant. Makes an amazing border, just like its name! Bee and Butterfly attractor.  

Needs well-drained soil and a little enriched, organic matter goes a long ways. Deadhead the flowers after the first bloom to prolong its bloom time.