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Pine – Loblolly

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The Loblolly Pine is an excellent landscping Pine. This tall, fast-growing evergreen tree can be planted alone, in groups, or used as an instant privacy screen along a fence-line.

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The 'Loblolly' Pine is a landscaper favorite. This tall, attractive tree native to the southeastern United States. It's easy transplanting, ability to tolerate a variety of growing conditions, and rapid growth makes it a prime choice for landscaping and forestation. Excellent anwhere you might need an instant privacy screen or evergreen. This tree looks sophisticated when underplanted with azalea and shade loving perennials such as hosta, hydrangea, and fern for an instant backyard park look.

Loblolly Pines can handle a variety of growing conditions. While they prefer acidic soils, they can feel soil types ranging from sandy soils to clays. They tend to grow best in lowlands and swampy areas, but they can adapt to other places. Moderate moisture levels are best for them, but they can tolerate mild droughts and minor flooding. They do prefer full sun, which means they should get at least six hours of bright sunlight a day.