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Crape Myrtle – Purple Magic

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The “Purple Magic” Crape Myrtle will add a touch of Summer Magic though early Fall to your landscape. Only growing to 10 ft. High, this smaller Crape is perfect for a privacy screen, container, or add some bright, Purple color anywhere you need it. Low-maintenance and somewhat drought resistant once established.

3 Gallons

Overview Care
"Purple Magic" Crape Myrtles are smaller myrtles that produce an abundance of large clusters of dark purple blooms starting in July and lasting well into the latter part of September. The Purple Magic is a semi-dwarf, mid-sized crape myrtle that grows to a mature height of 6-10 feet in height and 5-6 feet in width and can bring a burst of color to smaller yard spaces. Its new growth comes in red-tinted before turning green in the summer, ushering in the blooms

plant in full sun and with well-drained soil. Removal of expired flower heads will often times prolong and increase the duration of the blooms.