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Redbud – Whitebud

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The Whitebud is a unique form of Redbud. Covered in white blooms, it makes a striking statement in the Spring garden and looks excellent mixed in with other Redbud varities and Spring bloomers. Somewhat drought tolerant once established.

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The Whitebud, also known as Texas Whitebud, was discovered in Texas. It is a compact growing, drought tolerant tree produces clusters of thickly packed clean white flowers. Overall, the habit is more compact than that of your typical Eastern Redbud and the best part is its high-gloss, dark green leaves with their characteristic wavy margins. Quickly becoming a landscaper favorite, the Whitebud will add a unique touch to your landscape, looks excellent mixed with other Redbud varieties, and is a nice addition to other spring bloomers.

Eastern Whitebud trees grow best in full sun to light shade with moist well-drained deep soil. This small deciduous tree is adaptable to other soil types but will not grow well in permanently wet or poorly drained soil.