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Spruce – Birdsnest

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The Birdsnest Spruce is an adorable, petite spruce with low, spreading branches that form a year-round evergreen “nest.” Keeps it shape. Slow-growing. Great as a specimen plant or in groupings.

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The "Bird's Nest" Spruce is an adorable, extremely small variety of Norway Spruce but stays petite. It features a very distinctive look, with feathery, nodding branches that downturn in a graceful way. The nicely structured branches grow out first, and then up, resembling a bird's nest. Bird's Nest Spruce grows slowly and lives for a long time. It is a useful small evergreen that will not outgrow its place. Try tucking one as a specimen plant to add in interesting little spots here and there in the landscape. Also looks equally adorable in groupings or left to grow and drape over rocks. Evergreen.

Bird’s Nest Spruce has no significant insect or disease issues and is extremely hardy—even resisting harsh winds. Like all Spruce, they will need a spot in full sun and well-drained soil for best results