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Iris – Variegated

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The Variegated Japanese Irish is prized both for its’ strinking foliage as its’ jewel-toned flowers. Easy to grow and great in moist or wet areas where other perennials may have a difficult time.

Overview Care
The Variegated Japanese Iris is an award-winning perennial and is loved by landscapers and gardeners alike for both its beautiful flowers and very attractive silvery foliage. Super easy to grow, the Variegated Japanese Iris performs best in full sun or part shade, in humus-rich, medium to wet, acidic soils.The perfect plant in moist borders, at the edge of ponds or streams, or even in pots plunged halfway to the rim in water gardens. Variegated foliage will brighten any woodland or damp garden setting. The exquisite blooms emerge in early to midsummer; earlier in mildest regions. An herbaceous perennial.

Provide organically rich, humusy, acidic, moisture retentive soil. Maintain evenly moist soil in first growing season to establish root system. Once established, tolerates soggy soils and standing water in growing season; reduce soil moisture in winter to prevent root rot. Remove old, faded foliage before new leaves emerge.