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Welch Juniper

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Pyramidal to conical shaped, upright juniper with a compact, dense branching habit. Blue-green color, silvery new growth. Needs little shearing to maintain shape.

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The Welch Juniper is one of the best evergreens for hot, poor, dry soils in city conditions. Forming an upright conical shape, this dense shrub reaches 8 to 10 feet tall. The peeling reddish brown bark is furrowed into strips or squares. Blue-green foliage is aromatic if bruised and holds its color all winter. Produces blue berries.

Requires well-drained soils. Will not tolerate shade or waterlogged soil

This upright Juniper has a dense branching habit and needs little pruning to maintain its shape. It has silvery new growth that matures to a blue-green.